International Award-Winning Keynote Speaker

Fiona delivers captivating keynote presentations. Dynamic workshops, interactive team-building activities, & insightful panel discussions are just a glimpse of what she brings to your event. She injects energy & enthusiasm into every corner of the room.

She fosters a culture of entrepreneurship and creativity that has helped many business owners turn their dreams into reality. Fiona firmly believes that you can turn the spoken word into a successful business book to sell you, your products and your services.

Demonstrating professionalism, reliability, & integrity in all interactions, she builds trust and confidence among clients, event organizers, & audience members.




Target Audiences 


Clear and concise communication channels enable them to articulate their vision, convey expectations, and inspire action among their teams and stakeholders.


Strategic Insights to formulate strategic plans and navigate complex challenges effectively.


Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, using compelling storytelling, analogies, and examples, helps convey complex ideas in an understandable manner.

Business Women

Demonstrating empathy and understanding of their audience's needs, challenges, and aspirations allows speakers and coaches to tailor their message to resonate with their listeners.

Reasons to Book Fiona

Being genuine and authentic allows speakers, entrepreneurs & audiences to connect with her on a deeper level and build trust.

Ability to command attention,  exude confidence  & presence on stage, capturing the audience's interest from the moment Fiona starts speaking.

Adaptability and flexibility enables Fiona to adjust her approach based on the audience's response, feedback & the context of the presentation.

Committed to continuous learning, self-reflection & improvement allows Fiona to continuously refine her skills, expand her repertoire, & stay relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Helps everyone use their most valuable free gift , their voice to use it to start to live the life of your dreams.


Caroline Meikle

Pitman Training

"I have had the pleasure of listening to Fiona Taylor with her Scottish roots and authorial prowess. She brings a captivating blend of wit, charm, and depth to the stage. Her talks delve into the rich tapestry of human experience, weaving together personal anecdotes, literary insights, and thought-provoking reflections. Engaging and eloquent, Fiona leaves audiences inspired and enlightened, and with sparkling conversations that linger long after the applause fades. I am forever in awe of her stage presence."

Carol Ann Lyon

 LS Connections

"Fiona’s passion is infectious, her insights profound, and her delivery captivating. With every word, Fiona has the remarkable ability to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals to reach beyond their perceived limitations and strive for greatness.

Through her engaging storytelling, genuine authenticity, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, Fiona leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who have the privilege of hearing them speak."

Janette Swanson

St Mirren WFC & Business Club

"After listening to Fiona who is such an engaging speaker, I immediately bought her book!"

Greg Director

 Elite Contract Furniture

"When listening to Fiona, she masterfully captivates, educates and inspires."

Daniel O’Brien

Federation of Small Businesses

"I wholeheartedly recommend Fiona to anyone seeking an unforgettable and transformative experience. Fiona is not just a speaker, but a beacon of light guiding others towards their fullest potential."

Laura Brown

Brown Owl

"One of the things I like about Fiona as a speaker is that she does not capture the attention of the audience by being bold or brash. She has so much more of a quiet confidence and an undeniable feminine energy. Fiona is an inspiration to businesswomen like me who are trying to find their feet and their voice."


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